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At MSGN-India, we specialize in providing comprehensive mechanical design and manufacturing services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our global clientele. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the field, we are adept at delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency, quality, and precision in every project we undertake. Our team of seasoned professionals possesses extensive working experience with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), allowing us to understand and exceed the exacting standards of the industry. From concept development to prototyping and production, we leverage cutting-edge technologies and advanced methodologies to deliver results that surpass expectations. Whether you require custom designs, precision machining, or full-scale manufacturing services, MSGN India is your trusted partner for all your mechanical design and manufacturing needs.

Our Expertise
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Mechanical Design

We boast a team of experienced mechanical engineers and designers who possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of mechanical systems. From concept to completion, we offer a comprehensive suite of design solutions, including product design, prototype development, simulation, analysis, and optimization. Our proficiency extends to various sectors, including automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and more.

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Robotic SImulation

We are a team of highly skilled engineers, roboticists, and simulation experts who possess an in-depth understanding of both robotics and simulation technologies. Our expertise lies in creating virtual environments that mirror real-world scenarios, allowing businesses to visualize, test, and fine-tune their robotic systems without the need for costly physical prototypes. 
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CAE Services

Our CAE services encompass a wide range of solutions designed to optimize product design, performance, and efficiency. Whether it’s finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), thermal analysis, or multi-body dynamics (MBD), our team possesses the skillset and tools necessary to simulate and analyze real-world scenarios with precision.

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We specialize in turning visions into reality. With a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art facilities, we have honed our craft to perfection. Our expertise spans a wide array of industries, including [list some relevant industries, e.g., automotive, electronics, medical devices, consumer goods], enabling us to cater to diverse client needs.

Our customized solutions include

We provide design and manufacturing services for Welding Fixtures, Checking fixtures, Special Purpose Machines, and Power-train assembly jigs. Utilizing our in-house design capacity in mechanical engineering we are able to design and manufacture bespoke special purpose machines to solve complex production and automation needs.

MSGN has an experienced team exploiting advanced designing software packages to the makeover of ideas into reality. We at MSGN provides powerful turnkey automation solution for the automotive and non-automotive sector to our valuable client with high quality.

In close cooperation with our customers, we develop optimal overall plant concepts and ensure a fast ROI. With our systems in modular design, you are well equipped to optimize the productivity of your production with individual automation solutions

Process consulting

Project management


Feasibility analyses

Factory planning

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